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The objective of this site is to help Dad's in need of Child Support information to aid them from defaulting on their current obligations for Child Support. Falling behind in your support payments will cause the Child Support Unit to charge you an arrears assessment. The arrears amount that is determined, will be in addition to your current obligation(s).

This may in turn make things difficult for you financially, as this can bite into your rent, mortgage, food, car payments, car insurance, and/or your current family income. If you fail to pay over time, eventually you may lose your driver's license and possibly face jail time.

Different situations can arise over time, such as losing your job, moving to a new location, becoming hospitalized due to an accident, injury on the job or off. These are a few examples that everyone can possibly experience in their life. Each instance can and will affect your obligations for your Child Support payment, unless you follow certain laws that have been established.

Regardless what happens to you, you are still obligated to make your payments. Whether they  were set to weekly, bi-weekly,  or however the courts have set them up for you. You are still obligated to make the payments, on time. Just remember, the Child Support Unit will not help you until you have got in well over your head. Though the help from the Child Support Unit is more likely to respond to you with:

 "Well, you know you could have reversed this arrears judgment three months ago, but you had thirty days from when the initial incident happened, to protest this judgment, but we never heard from you and three months have since passed, so now this judgment can not be reversed."

Though the following example is not an exact quote, the main point is that you shouldn't expect the Child Support Unit, to make sure you are aware of possible options that you can pursue due to your circumstances. It just isn't going to happen.

To Think About:

  • Did you know that if you don't make your payment obligations it could reflect on your credit report?
  • Did you know that the arrears that are determined that you must pay on top of your current obligation, do not follow the same percentage guidelines, by how many children you have?
  • Did you know they can freeze your bank account if you fall behind?
  • Did you know they can take your tax returns if you fall behind?

Steps to take:

I will be adding detailed information that you can use, to help you when situations beyond your control, crop up in your life. Difficult times can happen, but you must take some precautionary steps to help you through these times, so that your current payment obligations don't fall behind. Once you fall behind, you know how difficult it is to again regain your account current.

Many of the steps that will be presented are through my own experiences. If I can help you, to inform you of certain steps you can follow to help reduce future problems with the Child Support Unit, due to unforseen circumstances, that would make my day. Dealing with Child Support is not an easy situation, but with the right tools, the right information, and using the laws that are written, I will help show you what you can do to ease some of your frustration and stay on track with your Child Support.